Discipline, Consistency, & Perseverance

Morgan. 23 years old.
Height: 5'3"
Starting Weight: 143 lbs
Current Weight: 132.2 lbs
Goal: 120 lbs

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Body Shred Program

Has anyone done this program? I’m considering doing it. I love having a set plan on what to eat and what to do at the gym but before I pay to sign up I wanted to get some real feed back. Message me if you have done it and what your thoughts are on it and your results.



“ Change your attitude & Enjoy what you’re doing. ”


I must remind myself of this daily. I, personally, do not look forward to going to the gym. I mean it is not the worse thing once I actually get started, but it seems making myself go to the gym is the hardest part. I would much rather go home after a long day at work than go to the gym.

Everyday when I leave work I turn up the music, dance and sing while driving to the gym, this helps me get a positive attitude and ready for a good workout. Once I get there I try to keep my attitude on a positive note rather than “this sucks” note. When I start to get tired or sore, I remind myself why I am doing it and push myself to keep going.

Also, I reward myself after every workout with a pure protein shake my gym makes. They are amazing in every way, so my taste buds think I’m getting a delicious sweet smoothie when I’m actually getting protein to help the muscles I just worked out.

PS. I did legs yesterday so that means today I feel like I can barely walk.

What do you reward yourself with something for all your hard work? How do you prepare yourself for the gym? Tell me about it.